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World Smoking Association   Notices for Register

1.       The member of the association includes corporations  and individual

2.       You must be eligible the below if you enter into the association.

l   You must be a citizen, or a smoker, of more than 18 years older. Your corporation registers legally in your country if you run a business.

lTo participate in activities relating to manufacturing tobacco or engaging in quit-smoking.

l   Accepting the principles of the association.

3.       procedure of register

l An applicator submits his application to the Diplomatic Office  of  WSA (Beijing P. R. China).

l With examining and approval of the standing members of the council.

l Authority of the council issues the “Certification of the membership of WSA” and the board of “The Membership of  World Smoking Association”.

4.       The rights of the WSA member

l         To have the right to vote and stand for election.

l         To participate in the activities of the association.

l         To obtain the rights to be served.

l         To have the rights of criticism, suggestion and supervise toward the works of the association.

l         To register and withdraw from the association freely.

5.       The duties of the member of the association

l         To carry on the resolutions of the association.

l         To safeguard the legal rights and benefits of the association.

l         To accomplish the duties of the association.

l         To pay the membership dues timely.

l         To report to the association the cases and provide the relevant documents.

6.       To be eligible of discontinuing the membership of the association, with the approval of the council, and to take back “the certification of the membership of the association” and the board of “the membership of the WSA”.

l         To offend the regulations of the association seriously.

l         To produce the serious consequences in the society due to illegal business.

l         Don’t pay the membership dues for more than one year.

l         To be absent from the activities of the association with no legal reasons.

l         Having the experiences of cheating business, explored on media and confirmed to be true.

l         Eliminated from the business of tobacco.  

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