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Brief Introduction

The World Smoker Association (abbreviation: WSA) involves those who volunteer to safeguard the rights of tobacco companies, control smoking and promote quit-smoking healthily. It is a non-government community, an academic and public organization, under the business guide and supervise of the Health Department of China and Civil Affairs Department of China. 

Our headquarters is established in Hong Kang.  WSA is also a professional and consultative organ concerned about tobacco.

The aim of the assr00153.htmociation is to unit the volunteers, in wide-range realms,, who eager to control the dangers in smoking people,  speed up the works in controlling smoking and  reduce the diseases caused by smoking.  . We plan to check the losses in health and economy caused by smoking--give publicity to know the danger of smoking--safeguard the public physical and mental health. As a result, we can promote the development in society and national economy.

The mechanism of the Association is composed of an administration Department, Marketing Department, Internet Engineering Department, Communication Department , Designing Department, Edition Department, Human Resources Department.

Association’s Duties:

1. Basing the laws, and regulations, rules, policies standards and plans relating to control the jeopardize of tobacco on scientific principles, the association advice the Health Administrations some business proposals and consultations on controlling the jeopardizes of tobacco.

2. To conduct and establish the international teams of controlling jeopardize of tobacco, coordinating other professional organs and expert groups of tobacco. In addition, WSA plans to build one of, under the leadership of governments, diverse coordination, wide-range participation, sustainable mechanism of controlling jeopardize of tobacco worldwide.

3. To draft and carry on the plans and activities of controlling the jeopardize of tobacco

4.  To lay down the rules and guides of controlling jeopardizes of tobacco, standardizing and evaluating the public education of controlling the jeopardizes of tobacco--promoting the public propaganda against smoking.

5.To be in charge of organizing, managing and proceeding the international collaborating projects and the activities of multilateral exchange relating to Manufacturing tobacco and controlling jeopardizes of tobacco .

The association established a Defending Committee for Smoker, a Promoting Quit-smoking Committee, an Health Foundation, a Cigarette Cultural Museum. It has made great progress in controlling smoking and communicating with others since its established. Under the powerful supports of all governments and volunteers , the propaganda in controlling smoking and education in health were deepen step by step, the awareness of  controlling smoking among the citizen of china are enhancing gradually. The works in controlling smoking are stepping on the way of legal management.  Non smoking schools, non smoking hospitals,  non smoking units and non smoking families were emerging, which had the good records in population. In order to propaganda and implementation of  <the Agenda of Controlling Tobacco Frame>, the association has to do a lot of  works in tobacco industry,   paying more attention to controlling smoking , towards reducing the jeopardizes of tobacco and removing bad-health habits from smokers.

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